Lawrence Clarke Limited was formed in May 1999, when Lawrence Clarke & Partners combined with the already well established businesses of Allan Bowden, Dennis Stuart and Ian Cann to form a brand new company operating within the Fareham and Portsmouth area.

Over the following years Lawrence Clarke Ltd has gone from strength to strength, acquiring several other leading local financial companies including Coffin Mew & Clover Financial, King & Power Investments, Roy Sansom & Co and Procrown Investments, to form an overall combined experience of some 200 years.

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Everything we do as a business is driven by our values

We are client focused

We listen to our clients to ensure that we fully understand their unique needs and objectives.

We ensure that our clients are comfortable

By pairing them with a fully qualified specialist adviser who will meet their expectations and provide them with the highest quality of service.

We treat our customers fairly

By recommending holistic advice focused on creating and growing their personal wealth to meet their life goals in a tax efficient manner.

We believe life is for living

In the words of our Company Director Larry - Not just for existing.....