What would you do if you could not work due to an accident or ill health? If you lost your job, how would you be able to pay your bills?

We all hope that the worst will never happen, but sadly thousands of people are affected by sudden illness, unemployment, or the death of a wage earner. Not having sufficient protection against these ‘worst case’ scenarios can plunge families into real financial hardship.

By taking the time to assess your current situation and financial needs, we can help you set up a suitable plan to cover your debts and provide you and your family with stable income when it is needed most.

Whether you are concerned about keeping up your mortgage payments, or want to be able to afford the best medical care in the event of a serious illness, we will assist you in finding the cover to your needs at an affordable price.

Life Assurance
Mortgage Protection
Income Protection
Private Medical Insurance
Critical Illness Cover
Long Term Care Planning

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